A comprehensive guide to retirement villages 

Retirement villages in Brisbane Northside and other areas are large developments build for senior citizens aged 55 or older and have a large number of properties. Commonly each person or couple has a room like an apartment or a suite and also has common facilities such as lawns and swimming pools. People who are seeking retirement housing or are near retirement prefer these villages as they are cheaper than similar homes in the same area. They are designed for independent living and are different from old age homes but there is support and care for those who require it as well as 24-hour emergency assistance. There are also certain shared social activities such as organised outings and joint meals. Villages may also organise visits by health professionals but with payment of fees. There are two types of retirement villages Brisbane Northside and other areas of Australia: resident funded village and donor funded village. Resident funded villages are owned and run by the private sector with a commercial viewpoint to produce profit as is funded by the residents who buy their place in the village and also pay for infrastructure and any ongoing costs. Donor funded village are owned and run by non profit organizations and allow entry to the needy elderly as a form of charitable subsidy.  

When you move into over 50s living you have quite a few options of places to stay in. Villas are made for the independent elderly that don’t need any assistance in their daily routines and can vary for one to four bedrooms. Serviced apartments have the option of accessing living assistance along with 24-hour support and usually have one or two bedrooms. They are ideal for people who need some help in their daily activities such as meals, cleaning and laundry. You also have access to home care services such as transportation and domestic help but at an additional cost. Some retirement villages are also offering residential care for people who need more help but want to stay in the same community. This means that they can stay close to the friends that you have made and don’t have to worry about moving into another facility. Most retirement villages in Brisbane Northside and other areas of Australia are not part of the aged care system and charge a fee before you can move in as well as ongoing fees for maintenance and any other personal services that you use. It is more of a lifestyle choice for retirement rather than receiving services as old aged people. There is an option to buy or rent your accommodation through different contacts such as long-term leases or unit trusts. Some villages also have a fee to get into their waiting list and then a fee when you move in.  Maintenance fees have to be paid monthly or weekly and include the cost of staff and upkeep of shared areas such as libraries and gardens.  

Villages help the elders stay independent for longer than they would have in their original homes. They are able to make friends with likeminded individuals and always have someone to talk to or take a walk with. This helps in eliminating any feeling of loneliness or isolation that they may have felt before. It is a very social lifestyle and many activities are always being organised for the residents. People feel a sense of empowerment as they get to be more independent and don’t have to rely on others anymore. You also have to spend little time on chores and there is no need to maintain your garden or worry about security as there is staff for those jobs, instead you can focus on exploring your other interests and hobbies. When you move in you have access to a variety of facilities that help you save money. Villages offer transportations services within the area and you also have sports and community centres that you can visit and will even get lower rates at the restaurants and cafes in the property. It is also a very secure place with camera surveillance and patrols along with biometric access to your rooms. This helps you in living a carefree lifestyle and you can travel as much as you like without worrying about anything at home. 

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