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Reasons Blepharoplasty Might Be Right For You! 

We all want to look perfect, but we all are reluctant whenever it comes to going under the knife to get that perfection. Though, we in no way promote the physical perfection, but we would always suggest you to get done with all those procedures or treatments that help you overcome any deficit. Blepharoplasty is also one of them. Otherwise known as an eye lift procedure, this surgery is performed on the eyelids due to multiple reasons. The reasons are many, but we will always recommend this to all those people who are suffering from specific medical conditions. So, what conditions, according to us, give you the pass to get the blepharoplasty done right away? Give them a read below! 

Droopy Eyelids: 

While droopy eyelids might have become the symbol of sexy eyelids or have been used as a muse for different poems, but it is a serious condition. Those who suffer from droopy eyelids and face the condition may find themselves in a condition to get an eye lift. The procedure becomes necessary because otherwise the vision can get obstructed due to excessive skin getting into the way of the eyes. Those who have droopy eyelids know the problems it causes. If you get blepharoplasty Gold Coast done, your skin around the eyelids will be tightened, giving you the sharp eyes that you always wanted. There is also an additional benefit here. Do you know what? When you get through the procedure, the tightened skin will cut years from your look, which means that you will start looking younger as well. Who doesn’t want that. Right? This is the main reason blepharoplasty happens on the upper eyelids only. The incisions are made into the folds of the eyelid, which allows the fat to be extracted. This incision can also be made to tighten the sagging muscle tissue along the upper eyelids. All in all, the benefit of getting this done will result in the improvisation of vision and other eye issues. Moreover, droopy eyelids can damage the eye, which getting the blepharoplasty can help prevent.  

Excess Skin on Lower Lids & Lack of Upper Eyelid Folds: 

As we have already given you a hint above, this surgery can be a very beneficial choice for all those who have excessive amounts of skin on their lower eyelids. Those who have excessive lower eyelid skin face problems like wrinkles, sagging and extremely dry eyes. Dry eyes in themselves are a completely different phenomenon, which is even hazardous for eye health. So, you have to be extra cautious, if you are facing such problem already. To get the Blepharoplasty done, an expert will carefully tread along the natural lower eyelid contour to make outward incisions. Once that is done, either the excessive skin or fat can be removed or it can tighten depending on your choice and the condition of your eyelid. This surgery is extremely beneficial and results in a completely different look, because the appearance of your eye is enhanced due to it. Not just removing the excess, but sometimes that is a lack of the eyelid fold lines on the upper eyelids. Getting blepharoplasty from expert gold coast professionals will help create a noticeable fold line. In result, you will be able to achieve a very young appearance by getting lifted and tighter skin. If you have a combination of eye problems, this procedure can be paired with the other procedures that a patient may need or desire. However, it doesn’t matter, if the intention behind the procedure is cosmetic or purely medical, the eye area will definitely get a youthful touch. Remember to get the other procedures alongside, if there is any damage to the eye or vision other than the mentioned. 


One thing we all hate is puffiness. If you have extremely puffy eyes and want to erase that appearance, surgery can easily be performed on top eyelids. Depending on the circumstances, the surgery can be done on both lower and upper eyelids. With the help of a trained surgeon, get less puffy eyes and a bright appearance that you had a lifelong dream to get.

The Gynaecologist For Every Concern.


Nothing is stressed more for women that the importance of going to the gynaecologist to take proper care of themselves and their reproductive health. The female body has truly the most complex reproductive system ever, which requires us to take the best possible care of it and to constantly and vigilantly monitor for any occurrences out of the ordinary to ensure that everything is functioning normally. Gynaecologists can not only monitor the body for any changes, but can also help the women understand their body better. With a system so complex, it is only too often that we may find ourselves experiencing symptoms that we feel are out of the ordinary or we may find ourselves wondering about the way our body functions. Due to the immensely personal nature of these questions, women can often be reluctant to share them even with trusted family members or friends. Furthermore, family and friends can only answer based on their own personal experiences and thus we can be led astray. While the internet can provide a cover of anonymity, everyone’s body is different and facts that hold true for some other woman may not for us. In such situations, it is important to head to a professional who can provide us with the right answers for our body and can help us understand ourselves better.

A commonly held misconception is that female health issues are isolated only to sexual health, without any effect on any other aspect of our being. This, however, could not be further from the truth. There are many issues with the female reproductive system that can affect the overall physical and even mental health of the individual. Studies have shown that psychological reactions occur in tandem with changes in the reproductive system, such as changes in mood when approaching the menstrual period, and after and during childbirth to name a few. Women suffering from hormonal imbalances can suffer from severe anxiety and depression, as is the case with some women suffering from poly-cystic ovaries. Discussing issues pertaining to mental and reproductive health can be a huge difficulty for women without a comforting yet professional ear to listen to all their problems with empathy, and to provide them with solutions.

Gynaecologists can be the trained yet comforting presence that every woman needs to discuss her health concerns with. A Melbourne gynaecologist can provide a discreet environment to discuss all health concerns, and to monitor for any changes in the body. Regular checkups with the health specialist can ensure that any adverse changes are monitored and controlled, and that we remain fully informed as to the going ons within our bodies. With the knowledge that we get from the gynaecologist, we can be better prepared to tackle any problems with our reproductive health head on, with little stress. These doctors can help prepare us for pregnancies as well, if they are certified as obstetricians so you can get all your reproductive health concerns catered to in one place, rather than going to many doctors.

A Melbourne gynaecologist who can provide a comforting and confidential yet professional environment to discuss our health concerns is Dr. Guy Skinner. Dr. Skinner can tackle issues such as menstrual disturbances, PCOS and infertility to name a few, and can help provide solutions to all your concerns. Furthermore, as he is an accredited obstetrician, in case of a pregnancy you’ll know just where to look! Building a trusting and relaxed environment is what Dr. Skinner prides himself on. Girls are recommended to get checkups once they hit puberty, and women are advised to get checkups regularly every few months. Dr. Skinner can be the perfect gynaecologist to head to for all our concerns.

An empathetic attitude is really the most important thing a woman needs from a gynaecologist, as she has to open up about immensely personal reproductive and mental health issues. There are just so many fears and concerns that we may have about changes in our body, and getting the wrong answers can be immensely damaging for our mental health at such a turbulent time. Contacting a good gynaecologist in Melbourne is our best option to get the right answers, and Dr. Skinner can be the best option for every woman. Get in touch with him today to put your fears to rest!

Unleash Your Full Potential

Perhaps, one of the most vital things in life is to feel good about one’s own body/appearance. Imagine walking down the street, an individual at first glance will notice your appearance and how you present yourself to the public. Thus, proven that people look at your appearance before they get the chance to get to know you. It is a fact that most people are not confident about their bodies which is a significant source of mental health issues. At some point in life, anyone would feel that there is this part of their body they would change, like straighten your nose, get a tummy tuck or getting excess fat removed so one is able to look the best they can. Some people learn to live with what they believe are physical imperfections, but most people want to change the way they look. Thus, they approach medical professionals who help them become the best version of themselves and present themselves to society with more confidence as being content with how one looks is linked with self-esteem. There are several reasons why getting reconstructive surgery improves your life. 

First, it leads to a boast in self-confidence which refers to your ability to believe in yourself and engage in activities which one previously found intimidating. If one feels more comfortable with their appearance, there is a likely chance that their outlook on life may change too which makes them much happier and focus on the finer things in life. For example, a person who has some scarring from a traumatic accident which makes them feel insecure about their body and uneasy at meeting new people. Moreover, it also helps overweight individuals who were previously too ashamed/embarrassed to the leave the sanctity of their homes but now have the self-confidence to go out in the world and achieve their goals. Thus, when you are confident, people will be impressed by how you carry yourself. 

Moreover, there are numerous health benefits to getting plastic surgery Melbourne. Procedures such as liposuction can help reduce the fatty cells that create fatty acid which reduces the risk of diabetes as fatty acid impairs the body’s ability to break down insulin. The removal of such fatty acid also results in improved blood pressure and lower cholesterol level which in turn reduce the chance of the individual contracting a heart condition.  Furthermore, there are chances that eyelid surgery can improve vision as it repairs fatigued eyelids and dry eye problems. Breast reduction can help relieve neck and shoulder pain which the individual faces due to larger breasts and a body frame that has trouble supporting them. Moreover, people who go through with said procedures try their best to maintain the results which leads to a much healthier lifestyle which sequentially can increase the life expectancy of the person. 

The appearance of a person is linked to their opinion about themselves. Reconstructive surgery that improves the individual’s physical appearance results in the patient feeling more satisfied on how they look which increases the self-esteem of the said person who now participates more in society and live their lives to the fullest by following their ambitions by accomplishing things they wouldn’t strive for otherwise. Cosmetic surgery can help restore a youthful appearance by eliminating things like wrinkles which makes them feel better about themselves and are reminded of a time in their life that was very fulfilling. It can also make them fit into their favourite clothes which improve the mood of said person as they are able to wear what makes them feel good about how they are perceived by others.

The most difficult decision for a person who wants a procedure done is selecting their ideal plastic surgeon. Dr. Vladimir Milovic is considered one of the best cosmetic surgeons in Australia who has many satisfied patients. His philosophy is to provide the patients with personalised, compassionate care with regular follow-ups as he believes that his patients are not to be treated as numbers. His procedure involves no pressurising as he believes in it is an ‘I want’ rather than an ‘I need’ process. His work is something he is passionate about and works towards a natural look but why take our word for it when you can see for yourself. 

The Benefits Of Hip Replacement Surgery

The hip surgery is dealt under the umbrella of orthopaedics. Orthopaedics is a medical speciality that encompasses the injuries and diseases regarding the musculo skeletal system of human body. This complicated system incorporates your bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, and the nerves. The system permits movement, work and thus activity which are deemed to be essential for a normal human being. While an orthopaedic surgeon is abreast of the multiple aspects of the musculo skeletal system, he specialises in one of these facets such as foot, ankle, hand, shoulder, elbow, hip, spine or the knee.

In addition, the orthopaedic surgeons may opt for specialising in a specific field: paediatrics, trauma, reconstructive surgery, oncology (tumours of bone), or medicine related to sports. An orthopaedic surgeon possesses extensive training in the true diagnosis, non-surgical and surgical therapy of damages and ill health of the musculo skeletal system. The hip replacement is one of the orthopaedic surgeries performed over innumerable patients during the previous decades. 

There are two major types of hip surgery undertaken by a hip surgeon, namely hip resurfacing and hip replacement. In the resurfacing procedure a metallic cap is introduced onto the arthritic ball instead of substituting the ball. The portion spanning over one to two inches of thighbone are preserved in resurfacing. In replacement the arthritic femoral ball five inches. A mechanism renders possible the attachment of a ceramic or metallic ball the size of which is comparable to the socket dimensions. There is a match between the diameters of the cap and the synthetic hip resurfacing has been in practice for multiple decades. The hip replacement is considered to have been accomplished upon the placement of the ball into the socket.

The functional life of hip replacement bearings and implants is expected to be much longer than that of the patient himself. This expectation can be made provided that the prosthetic components are fixed in a medically acceptable fashion and aligned precisely during the surgical operation of the hip. The hip resurfacing surgery and the hip replacement surgery both have proved to be effective pain relievers to the same degree, furnish localised restorative functions alike and moreover enable the ability to undertake different types of activity in daily life. The hip surgeon, total hip replacement and hip resurfacing are the surgical topics that call for special focus once a patient decides for hip surgery. 

The merits of hip replacement may be focused upon. The track record and the durability are the twins to be noted first of all. The technological science applied in the present day hip replacement activity has proved to be safe and has a history of millions of successful hip replacement surgeries internationally and especially within the continent of Australia. The complicated outcomes, operative technological advances and the modulations have been rigorously investigated by the scientists internationally.

A finely performed hip replacement surgery should never require repetition. A multitude of bearing surfaces may be made use of in the hip replacement since there is increased latitude in the engineering design of the components used in the hip replacement surgery. In the replacement, following implantation of the metallic hell and the femoral stem both the surgeon as well as the patient have choice with regard to the kind of bearing to be used for implantation. This may comprise the pairs, (shell and femoral stem), metal-metal, metal-plastic, metal ceramic, ceramic- plastic and ceramic- ceramic. It may be kept in view that the bearings are interchangeable and removable. The hip surgical specialist, complete hip substitution, and operative treatments pertaining to knee and shoulders specifically may be in process at numerous medical institutions both within Australia and outside. 

The disadvantages need of hip replacement need attention. In the process of replacing the hip the bone at the top of femur must be sacrificed by one to two inches, though the practical consequences of this dismissal are negligible. In a situation when the hip replacement fails then an uncomplicated and foreseeable surgery is possible but this is of course conceivable provided an experienced surgeon undertakes the surgical process. In addition, in the present world today, the compensation for the bone that gets lost is widely available; since an inch of a bone bear no unpleasant outcome clinically. The indications that warranty a hip replacement are manifold:

1. Pain that prevents a person from walking or bending joints.

2. Experiencing pain while at rest.

3. Stiffness in the hip that makes it very difficult to lift the leg.

4. No positive results from the employment of non-surgical methods.