Fetal Doppler & Everything You Need To Know

In this day and age of technology, fetal doppler otherwise known as baby heartbeat monitors has become a thing too. The name is self-explanatory as to what they do. They allow you to listen to your baby’s heartbeat for real. They are a sort of reassurance that your baby is okay and his/ her heartbeat is doing perfect. Some of the available dopplers product a fetal heart rate display while the other let the user count. Both ways, you get to hear the heartbeats of your baby. In a nutshell, fetal dopplers are an extremely important tool to gauge the status of your baby. But, are they worth it? Should you buy them or not? There is always a debate surrounding the issue with people distributed over the school of thoughts. Let’s find out the pros and cons of having a fetal doppler. 


Let’s start with the cons. What happens when you were busy throughout the day and you didn’t notice your baby kicking? You will obviously take out your huntleigh fetal doppler to hear the sound of the baby’s heartbeat to assure yourself. But what if you don’t hear the heartbeat then as well? You are going to get extremely anxious, and your anxiety might land you in the ER too. This trip to the ER can be a complete waste and your anxiety unasked for, because it is completely normal to not hear your child’s heartbeat. Sometimes the baby’s position can be difficult to monitor, while other times your placenta can interrupt the heartbeat. Even when you are too early in pregnancy, you can’t consistently hear the heartbeat. All of these are false alarms. You get anxiety for no reason. We are sure that wouldn’t be good for either your or your baby’s health. Similarly, those who aren’t trained can mishandle the doppler too. As mentioned, your placenta can interrupt as well, and you might end up hearing your own heartbeat. Some moms end up not running to the hospital in emergency situations, just because they heard a stable heartbeat. Hence, it might give mothers a fake call, when they have to be visiting the Dr for baby’s health appointments.


Just as fetal doppler can cause you anxiety, it can ease one as well. Sometimes the baby is just inactive and doesn’t want to kick or move. The first-time mothers, especially, start to worry thinking that something is wrong with the baby. Instead of a frantic and quite uncalled for trip to the ER, a heart monitor will give you an instant peace by bringing your baby’s heartbeat to your ear. Pregnancy is so full of worries that you don’t need this as well. This device will always be within your arm’s reach to let you hear the baby’s heartbeat. Not just this, but the heartbeat sounds through doppler can help you and your partner bond together as well. Most of the time, the fathers have to miss out on the baby kicking mom and they don’t get enough time to connect to with. In fact, majority of the times, fathers only get to connect to their baby once it is born. When the father and siblings can hear the heartbeat of the upcoming new member of the family, it becomes a real deal. Believe us! That is such a beautiful thing for the whole family to bond over. There are some models that even allow you to record the sound. You can record it for your family to hear and for future memories too. How nostalgic hearing your baby’s heartbeat would be!  


While they have their cons, having fetal dopplers at home isn’t that big of a deal. If soon-to-be parents know how to use it only as a tool for baby proximity and anti-anxiety sometimes, it is perfect to use. When you start misusing it for purposes like diagnosing, it becomes a problem then. The device is safe to use and does not cause any harm. The only concerns that are out there are ambiguous and depend on human use. Hence, it is necessary that the doppler be only used when the need be and without any strings attached.  

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