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Forklifts are always considered as the most essential equipment for transportation and lifting of heavy materials. They are regarded as powerful trucks that are specially crafted to use for the factories, Warehouse, and construction sites. Their chief usage is to transport a heavy pallet of products from here to another place. Thus, to meet and greet the expert forklift service based in Melbourne and Australia, Flexilift Australia is all over the globe one-stop store for all the goods handling requirements. We are offering forklift rental, spare parts, sales, after-sale services in Australia. 



Offering forklift sales and rental, forklift spare elements and parts, after-sales provision, and further, Flexilift Australia is a countrywide one-stop-store for all materials management needs. Located in the Melbourne area of Dandenong, we devise developed a solution- built approach to customer deal, undertaking site investigations to ensure customers take the right result for their requirements. 

Proposing extensive proficiency and infrastructure, we are capable to provide a range of apparatus and forklift parts for a diverse array of particular situations. Iniquity sale and much more other. 


Heavyweight Forklifts for Sale in Australia, Melbourne 

If you have been rifling for a durable source of factual -handling results, you’re in the exact place. Flexilift Australia offers forklift sales in Melbourne to the range of small, medium, and large procedures as well as innovative and lucrative solutions for logistics and warehousing. 

Melbourne’s high-quality for deals of VNA forklifts and much beyond 

Concentrating in both renovated models and new forklifts, we have automobiles for materials management in a diverse range of circumstances including VNA forklifts for trade. From small sellers to warehouses and yet rough terrain, here is a solution for each client among our array of gas, petrol, hydrostatic diesel, and electric replicas. We are first very happy to visit the client involved forklift sales onsite to guarantee that we are supplying an item that maximises efficacy and safety.  

Space- exploiting VNA forklifts and additional solutions 

Though we offer a diverse merchandise range, Flexilift specifies in VNA (very slender aisle) and offset new models, available in a diversity of sizes and specifications to ensemble customer needs. 

We are the solitary Australian supplier for the Flexi and Artisan choices of articulating forklifts. This perfect is an ergonomic truck and a cutting-edge that has transfigured logistics and warehousing in Australia. Alongside our space-saving enunciating forklifts, we also propose the Sellick truck- straddling range, allowing supplies handling in very rough topography. 


We bid used fork sales, with marques including Alto, Caterpillar, Clark, Hyster, Aisle master, Big Joe, BT, Nissan, Raymond, Samsung, Hyundai, Komatsu, Linde, Toyota, Tailift, Yale, Mitsubishi, Sidewinder 

And many much more. We also propose an extensive pool of new and used attachments and parts 

Australia’s top customer-oriented forklift sales 


If you would moderately not buy new, we could help you with that too. In addition to the freshly new forklifts we provide available for your handling requirements and material, Flexilift Australia can offer quality renovated secondhand forklifts all over Melbourne from a large series of leading suppliers. With a vast array of counterbalance, turret trucks, reach trucks, and narrow passageway forklifts and an assortment of electric, petrol-driven models, LP gas, and diesel, Flexilift Australia is certain to have a superior of used forklifts for selling to suit your warehousing requirements. 

Affording businesses in Melbourne with finest secondhand forklifts 

Either you are looking for a counterpoise, turret, reach, or narrow aisle second-hand forklift, Flexilift will have approximately to meet your requirements. All used models are inspected to guarantee full working command and a complete written statement is supplied with each automobile. The assort of well-known brands such as Toyota, Crown, and Nissan forklifts are continuously overturning with received refurbished supply. 

Pick from second-hand forklifts varying in magnitudes for all circumstances 

Flexilift Australia conveys a large range of sizes that scale from one to ten tonnes – with our narrow aisle flagship invention, the Flexi. Thus, there is a wide variety of forklifts better facilitates you in connection with sales as well as the used ones to meet your budget. The best element is their durability and never to compromise on a quality attribute. This all the above-mentioned perks give the privilege to us.