Corflute Guard is the provider for UV Stabilised Polypropylene guards for your baby plants and sensitive roots. The product is engineered for tough weather and farming conditions of Australia. The installation process is easy and reliable along with little to no requirement of labour because of the simplicity of the product design. Corflute Guard’s corex protects against herbicides, all sorts of soil erosions, sandblastings and vermin. The condition of application is solid and rigid in order to avoid all sorts of intrusion. The material that Corflute Guard have used in our products is reusable and completely recyclable. Therefore, there is no carbon footprint that your business will be leaving on the face of the planet. The corex by Corflute Guard, promotes the accelerated growth of the crops and help ensure better yields. We service as Australia’s leading root barrier suppliers


Synthetically, the corex sheet is inherently dormant in nature, with a distinct characteristic of having a reasonably unbiased pH rating index of the factor. During normal day times or during the regular summer days, at ordinary temperatures of the surroundings most solvents and water have no sort of impact on the corex plastics, which ends up permitting the corex plastic sheet to perform effectively under or nearly to unfavourable climatic conditions of the rural Australian plateaus or as an item of the part presented to unforgiving synthetics materials of the same purpose. Just like standard type of sheets, corex plastic sheets by Corflute Guard can be altered in terms of specifications and design with added substances and other elements, which have the ability to soften mixed into the sheet to address explicit issues that are often faced by the end client and the fields of the end client. The vine guards for sale at Corflute Guard have the properties of different levels of ultra-violet security, show high type of hostility to all sorts of static charges, have the ability to act as fire resistant when come in contact with any sort of high heat source of fire, custom and synthetic hues that may be present, save the roots of the crops from destructive inhibitors such as small mice and other vermin, help in static charge scattering, are some of the key benefits among others that are noticeable. 


The world is now going through a tough phase of climate change, even thought that the actual reality of the waste material itself sounds awful enough all alone on its own, yet it is far away more realistically becomes horrible and terrible when you and other people around you consider exactly the amount of the wastage material that gets disposed of in to our landfills and the oceans. The extremely large-scale manufacturing and usage of these plastic bags and other single time use material began around 85 years prior to this day. In that time of the life cycle of the plastic part of the product, producers have made a dazzling and hefty 9.85 billion metric huge of the amounts of the plastic stuff. Out of all these that have been produced, 8.3 billion tons have gotten have them squandered in the open oceans, stopping up our oceans or seas and other populated or unpopulated landfills with a deadly material that has the life expectancy of almost 400 years to be broken down into consumable substance. 

This is why we have made our product using Plasticised Polyvinyl chloride or polyvinyl chloride, Polyethylene terephthalate, or PET. When these materials combine together, they give the plastic the ability to get consumed by the environment. The elements of Plasticised Polyvinyl chloride or polyvinyl chloride, Polyethylene terephthalate, or PET are same as that of other biodegradable materials that are consumed by living beings and another microorganism. This is why we have made Plasticised Polyvinyl chloride or polyvinyl chloride, Polyethylene terephthalate, or PET as the base of our products with the help of our experience research and development team of people who have the necessary experience and expertise in the field of biodegradable and recyclable plastics.