Importance of the LED Video Board

There are so many benefits or advantages as well as disadvantages of the led video board. LED is a glass-like screen to display purpose. It is made up of from the thinner PCB strip and the smaller pixel. Just like the video wall, the screen will not be blocked for the viewers, the screen will also not be blocked by allowing and helping the audience to see or watch without being interrupted. It has so many innovations included in it. It has a new display technology that is Ultra transparent in nature. It is formed from the display principle of the conventional transparent LED display. Nowadays recently it is being used in the curtain wall that is made up of glass and many other fields including commercial exhibitions etc. There are a lot more benefits of it as compared to a simple LED Screen  

  • Structural characteristics 

LED screen means the led video board is different as compared to the conventional Led display. Let’s talk about the conventional led display, their box is thicker, and not only talking about the box. But this also set up is heavy and its appearance is way more convenient. It is very difficult and hard to repair. Transparent screen is with that of the simple structure and not the complex one. It has a PC panel that is transparent, and it has such a beautiful and eye-capturing appearance. Because it is fully transparent so, there is no need and there is no use for the additional heat sink. Also, there is no accessory box layout. The weight of the same area is way lighter as compare to that of this traditional display. 

  • Render display effect 

It comes to the traditional display; it becomes very easy and manages able for the restoration of different colours and the ability to colour adjusting is not very strong. Especially when it comes to small spacing, it becomes very easy to restore colours and to mix them. The transparent screen is beautiful. Gorgeous, mesmerizing as well as eye-catching. This has an ultra-refresh rate that displays the floating pictures. And it has magical colours that are seeking and attracting people and their attention also. The screen will not be blocked for the viewers, the screen will also not be blocked by allowing and helping the audience to see or watch without being interrupted 

  • Installation and after-sale maintenance 

We talk about the traditional screen than it was a very complex structure with the heavy quality and the installation of structure i. e the steel structure. If there is the installation of the fixed wall, then there would be the damage of the wall. Moreover, it might have the danger or hidden danger of outdoor installations. Their late maintenance also needs some special kind of operations. This is known as Transparent led screen because it has a Transparent screen and it can easily be installed indoors. It has a different kind of structure and skeleton that is full of the movable buckle and it is very easy to operate and install. And it has an accessory module that is not being welded. All we need to do is just to remove a module and to replace the problematic unit parts again with simple maintenance and labour-saving 

  • Product specificity 

The traditional screen is very nice and is very highly resistant and it has the maximum and highest level of protection that can be the highest among all that is IP67. Wit also has the soft glue layout, and its minimum spacing could be P0.8 and its display effect can easily achieve the ultra-high definition. Because it has a lightweight and can easily be lifted, it has a transparent screen which has the maximum level of protection that can be reached up to IP46. Because of this specification of its permeability, its minimum spacing can only achieve P3 with the clear effect 

All in all, living in this advance world, it feels so bored to have those traditional form of boards available in the most lovable place- cricket stadium. There must be some latest and catchy attention-grabbing thing for all your audience.